MYXclusive: Dream Big With LYCA GAIRANOD's Debut Album!

After surprising Filipinos with her earth-shattering performance during the first season of The Voice Kids Philippines, the rugs to riches tale of grand winner Lyca Gairanod continues as she launches her breakout debut album, “Puede Nang Mangarap”!

The 10-year old Lyca started singing from their old audio component and a performing darling to relatives, friends, and even strangers. She even used to sell recyclables via bicycle to save up! All of these became motivations of this young girl to become a big star!

 Mentored by the Popster Royalty herself Sarah Geronimo, Lyca's strong determination and heart-out singing prowess at a very long age made her a champion! Yet, she still enjoys being a child while fulfilling her dreams, even if her work is too hectic and demanding for a 10-year old girl!


Her album comes with a cute kiddy packaging and is packed with eight tracks, including her carrier single of the same title, “Puede Nang Mangarap” which is a current chart topnotcher.

Truly, the song describes her journey from where she came from up to now that she is one of the most sought-after child singers in the industry!

Also, Lyca has a track called “Malalampasan” that will surely touch everyone and a remake of Carol Banawa’s “Iingatan Ka” dedicated to her mother!

Lyca Gairanod wants you to join her long musical adventure! “Puede Nang Mangarap” is out now in all record bars and can also be downloaded online under MCA Music!




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  • Babes.Bardos

    posted 2 years ago

    Her voice and the message it brings is really comes from the heart. Puede Nang Mangarap is full of meaning. Congratulations to you, Lyca and to all her composers. Your songs will echo to eternity. God bless.

  • Babes.Bardos

    posted 2 years ago

    Lyca's debut album Puede Nang Mangarap is so inspiring. Listening to it is part of my daily habit. I just love to be reminded that dreaming big is indeed dreaming with God. The songs are full of hope. Lyca has shown us what faith in action is...fighting and really believing that God will grant her prayer...a prayer of for her family. I truly have high regard on you, Lyca, for using your God-given talent to change the course of your life. Her voice and the message it brings is rea

  • cecile614

    posted 2 years ago

    God bless you baby girl....keep going Lycanatics love you and support you always....

  • Jefhkl

    posted 2 years ago

    Came across this little girl on YouTube and was totally absorbed into her little big world. She is not a performer, She sings her songs and you'll feel it, word for word. I know because I don't even understand Tagalog, and I know an Australian that feels the same way. Right Armstrong?. This is a great album Puede Nang Mangarap. I've got 2 copies in case I lost one. Always for you Lyca.

  • Lexa1

    posted 2 years ago

    Lyca Gairanod is the future of our OPM Industry. I strongly believed that.Go Lyca. More blessing's comin' your way. Stay blessed & humble ,be happy always.Luv you much princess.:)