MYXclusive: Kilalanin Natin Ang PABEBE GIRLS!

We met the Pabebe Girls on the set of Vice Ganda's upcoming music video "Wag Kang Pabebe"! The young lasses were actually quite charming and not so threatening! Get to know these Internet sensations and find out the story behind their talked-about Pabebe videos in our MYXclusive interview!

We also asked them how they felt after their viral videos generated a fair share of criticisms amidst tremendous publicity! Watch the Pabebe Girls' statements below!

Believe it or not, the Pabebe Warriors and the Pabebe Queen have never met each other before! But they have something in common: they're all passionate when it comes to supporting their idols! Find out who they admire in the entertainment industry in another MYXclusive clip!

What can you say about the Pabebe Girls now that you've gotten to know them better? Share your reactions in the comments section!