MYXclusive: MAMON GIRL Sings Pabebe Version Of "Gayuma" by ABRA!

As part of our MYXclusive interview with the Pabebe Girls, we wanted to know who they admire in the entertainment industry! Alamin kung sino-sino nga ba ang idols ng mga Pabebe in the video below!

Since we found out that 15-year old Mary Jaydeeryn Elias aka Mamon Girl idolizes Abra, we asked her to give a sample of one of the rapper's hits! Check out as the Pabebe Queen jams to "Gayuma" in this MYXclusive video!

How will Abra react when he find outs that the Pabebe Queen is one of his biggest fans? Plus, what he can say about her rendition of "Gayuma"? Let's just hope this reaches him! 

Do you like Mamon Girl's rendition of "Gayuma" ? Share your reactions in the comments section!