ARSAFest 2012 : Where's Your Destination?

ARSAFEST 2012 runs from January 25-27, 9AM to 5PM, at the Ateneo de Manila University.

What's in store for you in ARSAFEST 2012?

The ARSAFEST Bazaar offers delicacies and culinary dishes from different parts of the country, products created by Ateneans and ARSAns alike, and merchandise by various individuals that showcase Filipino talent. Join us as we experience the Philippines and show what ARSA can offer!

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Relive your greatest childhood memories and try your luck at the game booths to win amazing prizes. from traditional games to other exciting booths, our games will surely keep you coming back for more.

Prepare to be wowed by some of the school's and ARSA's greatest talents! Be entertained by stand up comedy, bands, contests, and pageants which are just a bit of what the ARSAFEST Programs has in store for you!

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Ever thought of visiting the rooms of your dormer friends in the Ateneo? Now's your chance! Explore the dorms as ARSAns welcome you during ARSAFEST's Open House! Uncover hotspots, vote for your favorite rooms, join the tours and win lots of prizes!

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It's time to take it to the streets! What says Philippines more than fiestas? A combination of the most sought after and most entertaining festivals in the country, Culminating Night will provide you with music, dancing, performances, lights, food and so much more! Everything needed to wrap up a week long of festivities, this night will definitely be worth your while!

All these and a whole lot more await you!



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