Yeng on M.U.'s And M.U.L.

Yeng Constantino's "Pag-ibig" is now No.3 today on the Daily Top 10! So for all you Yengsters, catch it later at 8PM on the MYX channel or on the videos section here on the website. Incidentally, she has a pre-Valentine show happening tonight! Click the video below where she invites us to her 7PM show at the Music Museum and tells us how she misses all you "Ka-puyaters". So OK lang ba maging single sa Valentine's? Comments please =)



  • mryhosho

    posted 5 years ago

    isa ako sa nag request n sna mag kaMUL ulit ahaha miss ko n mag puyat :) gudluck mya miss yeng

  • witoc

    posted 5 years ago

    ang cute mo yeng...ang saya nyo panuorin ni vj chino..ang kulet ng math dance..goodluck sa concert yeng..just voted PAG-IBIG..dbest ka..OPM rules

  • esra0720

    posted 5 years ago

    anCute ni Yeng kanina kaso hindi nagDougie..kala ko gagawin nya..hehe ok lang cute naman ng math dance XDXD <3