MYXclusive: DICTA LICENSE Holds Despedida Gig For POCHOY LABOG!

Dicta License rocked the B-Side grounds for their grand shirt launch which is in collaboration with Stitch Apparel! Sadly, it is the band’s last gig for now because frontman Pochoy Labog is going to study abroad!

It’s not the end for Dicta License though! The band will just be on indefinite hiatus until Pochoy finishes his masteral studies!

The shirt launch of Dicta License also featured formidable local acts such as Sandwich, Brigada, Assembly Generals, and Stick Figgas!

The crowd went wild during Stick Figgas's set when Loonie and Ron Henley surprisingly called their friend Abra on stage to perform "Cerberus"! The rap duo also played their new song "Lamanloob"!

Dicta License served everyone a raging rock and roll experience for the main event! They played most of the songs in their album Paghilom including the hits “Sugat”, “Ang Ating Araw”, “Alay Sa Mga Nagkamalay Noong Dekada Nobenta”, and “Complex”!

They won't be performing gigs but the band promises to still interact with their fans via social media! Ths is definitely not the end of Dicta License!

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