LOOK: KAMIKAZEE Posts Hilarious Throwback Photos!

Kamikazee has been active lately in their official page posting ultra-funny photos of themselves taken whenever, wherever! Take a look at some of the band's recent hilarious posts!

Here's a great throwback photo taken around 2002 when Kamikazee was still new in the music scene!


Circa 2002 we're young,wild & free hehheeheh

Posted by Kamikazee on Sunday, 26 July 2015

This snapshot of Jomal Linao is from their "Ambisyoso" music video which was a parody of the reality show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy!



And last but not the least, here's a candid photo of Jomal in the shower! Boys will be boys!



Pag wala o sira ang pinto ng banyo ng mga hotel rooms namen,dapat ready ka lagi mag smile para sa mga ganitong moments... Heheheheh

Posted by Kamikazee on Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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