MYXclusive: THE USED Turns The Skydome Into A Huge Mosh Pit!

"I'll be just fine pretending I'm not, I'm far from lonely and it's all that I've got..."

Fans of The Used are "far from lonely" because their favorite band recently turned the Skydome into a humongous mosh pit with their earth-shattering performance! Pinoy rockers and punkheads gathered on this extraordinary night to see Bert McCracken and the gang sing their timeless hits up close!

The Used didn't fail their loyal fans as they rocked to early hits such as “I Caught Fire”, “All That I’ve Got”, and “Blue and Yellow”! They really connected with the audience who were all drenched in sweat due to excessive slam dancing!

There were a lot of notable surprises during the concert! Bert hugged his bandmate tightly after an acoustic performance and said he's not afraid to kiss him too, so he did!

The Used's encore set was also explosive as they played a medley of Rage Against the Machine songs along with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!

Hats off to Pulp Live World and Yellow Room Music PH for bringing The Used to the Philippines!


Felt so great being back on stage last night! We love being in the Philippines so thanks for having us back Quezon City!!!

Posted by The Used on Friday, 31 July 2015

The Used concert setlist

Maybe Memories

Take It Away

Bird And The Worm


I Caught Fire

The Taste Of Ink

All That I’ve Got

Buried Myself Alive

Blue And Yellow


The Best Of Me

On My Own

Pretty Handsome Awkward

Encore: A Box Full Of Sharp Objects

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