WATCH: RONDA ROUSEY Goes Super Saiyan!

Before last weekend’s UFC 190 when Ronda Rousey knocked Brazilian octagon fighter Bethe Correia in just 34 seconds, a creative artist made a cool animation dedicated to "Rowdy"! You've already seen her in different action-packed movies, but this animation is far more incredible!

The most dominant woman champion in UFC history transformed into a Super Saiyan in the funny GIF! The Dragon Ball-inspired scene shows Rousey’s sheer force get magnified as she knocks her opponent Alexis Davis out cold quickly!

Created by /u/noise_filter (IG: proxyrax) on 7/14/15This animation was created as humorous fan art and parody. It is not for profit or commercial use.

With those devastating rapid punches, perhaps we would like to believe that Ronda Rousey has the blood of a Saiyan warrior! Meanwhile, she dedicated her latest and most impressive win against Corriea to the original "Rowdy", WWE superstar Roddy Piper who passed away last July 31!

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