MYXclusive: Get To Know THE JUANS!

They're not One Direction, nor are they 5 Seconds Of Summer! They're just five passionate individuals who share one dream - to make it into the music scene as a pop band! And they call themselves The Juans!

It was a rockin' night with The Juans who gave fans a taste of their self-titled debut EP at their listening party! The album is the result of hardwork, patience, and the perfect combination of the individual talents and different musical influences of Carl, Japs, Jiad, Jason, and Daniel!

The five fellas are all tight with each other and actually live together! So to get to know them all a little better, we played a game to find out who among the group is the most romantic, most noisy, most active on social media, and more! Get to know The Juans by watching the video below!

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  • maybellenenewyork

    posted 1 year ago

    omg the juans ?