MYXclusive: ECHOSMITH Brightens Up The "Cool Kids" of Manila!

Nothing in this world could ever bring the Cool Kids of Manila down because American indie pop band Echosmith made an awesome return to the Philippines! After taking part in last year's Bazooka Rocks, the musical siblings reunited with Filipino fans during their first major concert!

Graham, Noel and Sydney Sierota performed without eldest brother Jamie who had to look after his pregnant wife Ana! Nonetheless, the band put up a great show that their fans genuinely deserve!

Lead singer Sydney made the crowd go wild as soon as she stepped on stage! She effortlessly captivated everyone as the band played “Ran Off In The Night", "Let’s Love", "Talking Dreams", and "Come Together” early in their set!

The whole Samsung Hall got mesmerized when Echosmith performed their hit “Bright”! Sydney forgot some lyrics during the second verse but it was one of her adorable moments that night!

Another fun moment was when the 18-year old singer suddenly summoned five bouncers onstage to be her backup dancers!

The Sierota sibs also acknowledged the presence of their mom and dad during the concert! The "Echosmith parents" enjoyed taking pictures of the delighted crowd!

The good vibes didn't stopped there as the band also gave away lots of their autographed freebies! They closed the show with "Cool Kids" and "Up To You"!

The "Cool Kids of Manila" also got to spend time with Echosmith in a meet-and-greet afterparty arranged by Pulp Live World! The lucky fans thought the Moon and Neptune got it right that night coz they're shining bright with their idols!

Echosmith Live in Manila setlist

Ran Off In The Night
Let’s Love
Talking Dreams
Come Together
This Must Be The Place
Tell Her You Love Her
Come With Me
I Melt With You
Nothing’s Wrong
We’re Not Alone
Cool Kids
Up To You

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