LOOK: Fans Heartbroken After LOUIS TOMLINSON Updated His Twitter Bio!

One Direction is slaying as a foursome - their new video "Drag Me Down" debuted at #1 on MYX! - but things just got real for some fans when Louis Tomlinson updated his Twitter bio!

It's been months since Zayn Malik went solo flight, but Louis decided to clean up his Twitter account only recently. He changed his bio which used to say "1/5 of One Direction" to just "1/4". 

Directioners couldn't help but react and get emotional because of this major change!

What was your reaction when you saw Louis' new bio on Twitter? Share it in the comments section!



  • XOXOmyx_girl

    posted 2 years ago

    Sad.. and heart broken even though i'm not really a fan..:(