THROWBACK: OPM Bands That We Miss!

Plenty of good groups sprouted during the band explosion in the mid-2000s! Sadly, some bands lost key members or have disbanded for good! Here's a list of bands that once made us sing along to their hits!

MYMP (Juris & Chin)

Juris is a solo artist now while MYMP evolved musically with their new lineup. However, we still miss how this band melted our hearts! Remember when songs like "A Little Bit" and "Tell Me Where It Hurts" ruled the daily charts?

Video Courtesy:Ivory Music & Video


Frontman Miro Valera is doing solo gigs and even joined The Voice! But who could forget Stonefree's LSS-inducing hits?

Video Courtesy:wmphils


Soapdish became known for their "hugot" songs. Although the band is still around, we still miss the "feels" from their early hits!

Video Courtesy: soapdish


Everyone recognizes Orange and Lemons for the upbeat PBB anthem "Pinoy Ako" but we love ONL for their melancholic songs!

Video Courtesy: RAKISTA


Bamboo is one iconic group that defined the band explosion era. They're one of the best things that happened to the local band scene! Nuff said.

Video Courtesy: polyeastrecords


Of course, this band is in this list! We all became sad after the legendary group disbanded in 2010! Frontman Ebe Dancel is still doing great music, but we miss the classic Sugarfree vibe.

Video Courtesy: polyeastrecords

What other OPM bands should have made this list? Feel free to leave a comment!