LOOK: This Is How VJ ERICA Celebrated Her Birthday!

Our beautiful and bubbly VJ Erica just celebrated her birthday and we're all so proud of the things she's accomplished! Just like what you see on MYX, an energetic goofball lies behind that pretty face! She always tells jokes and her carefree nature easily rubs off on us, making it a pleasure to work with her! She definitely knows how to have fun!

VJ Erica couldn't have been more happy for her birthday! First, some of her closest girl friends surprised her!

Then when she came on the set for MYX Daily Top 10, we surprised her with balloons! Erica has a sweet tooth, so she was so happy to get a cake as well! Apparently, she didn't get one from her last surprise so good thing we had that covered!

Then she had a huge feast with some of her other officemates! Erica always has a big appetite and can actually eat quite a lot! It's amazing how she stays so fit!

And of course, she ended her special day with family! Looks like it was a full house!

Happy birthday VJ Erica from your MYX family!