MYXclusive: MARIS RACAL Shares Her Live Chat Experience!

It was a chat full of fun and laughter with Maris Racal! There's no denying that she and the rest of the #Mariestellers had an awesome time at the Live Chat! Maris was so excited to be able to chat with her fans and supporters and had her game face on the whole time!

We got Maris' thoughts on the experience right after the fun chat session! She also gave a special shoutout to all of the #Mariestellers all around the world who joined her during the MYX Live Chat! Check out what she had to say in the video below!

The team would like to thank everyone who participated in the MYX Live Chat and hope you join us again in our next session!

Who do you want to be featured next in the Live Chat? Also send some love to Maris Racal in the comments section!