MYXclusive: GRACENOTE Goes Mellow With "I Will Wait"!

Gracenote is back in the spotlight with their brand new song "I Will Wait" featuring Lara Serena! The band's refreshingly creative concept for the music video was made possible by good pal Kean Cipriano who took on the role as director!

Celebrating with Gracenote during the music video launch at 70s Bistro were fellow Soupstar acts Banda ni Kleggy and Callalily! They were also joined onstage by Lara Serena as they performed "I Will Wait" live for the first time!

Eunice, Chen, Jazz, and EJ were all grateful to have Lara Serena aka actress Chynna Ortaleza in "I Will Wait". The band said that the song was already finished but they welcomed the idea of collaborating with her.

Creating a mellow song like "I Will Wait" is also something new to the members of Gracenote who are so used to playing alternative rock tracks for the longest time!

Check out what Gracenote had to say about "I Will Wait" which already premiered on MYX last Friday!

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  • akosikeance

    posted 2 years ago

    yes i like the song. I LOVE GRACENOTE