LOOK: Emotional Reactions To #OTWOLILoveYou Episode!

The latest episode of On The Wings Of Love starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid was the talk of the town again! Its official hashtag #OTWOLILoveYou amassed almost 2 million tweets from OTWOListas who are really loving how the story of Clark and Leah is unfolding!

The poignant tearjerker episode drew lots of emotional reactions on social media - from spreading sad emojis all over to quoting their favorite lines like "If only they knew just how much I LOVE YOU, they'd understand why I have to fight for this."

And aside from Kyla's version of the theme song, OTWOListas are also loving "Say You'll Never Go" by Erik Santos right now!

Read more #OTWOLILoveYou reactions packed with so much feels below!

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