LOOK: Halloween Costumes At #MYXMO2015

#MYXMO2015 coincided with Halloween, so some of your favorite artists added another layer of excitement to their performances by showing up in fun costumes!

The fierce frontwomen of 2 rock bands both dressed up as sexy supervillain Harley Quinn! Who wore it better: Arci Muñoz of Philia or Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywood?

The men and women of Imago were inspired by the Village People!

The guys from Itchyworms wore animal masks!

Pedicab and Tanya Markova don't need an excuse to put on fancy costumes but they took it up a notch for Halloween!

"Boo!" -Banda ni Kleggy

Catch the TV premiere of MYX Mo! 2015 on November 7, Saturday at 5pm!
PART 1 November 8, Sunday 2pm & 11pm
PART 2 November 9, Monday 2pm & 11pm
PART 3 November 10, Tuesday 2pm & 11pm
PART 4 November 11, Wednesday 2pm & 11pm
PART 5 November 12, Thursday 2pm & 11pm
PART 6 November 13, Friday 2pm & 11pm
PART 7 November 14, Saturday 2pm & 11pm
FULL November 15, Sunday 10am

Who had the best Halloween look at #MYXMO2015? Tell us in the comments!