#LoveOnMYX: Send Us Your Video Requests on YouTube!

If you think your words are not enough to express your love, send us your video requests on YouTube! Chosen videos will be played on MYX on February 14.

Just create a video requesting a song for  your special someone with a special dedication. Search LoveOnMYX on YouTube  and send a video response. For the chosen ones, your video requests will be played by your favorite VJs on air!

If you want to post now, watch the video below, click the YouTube button and start uploading! Here's VJ Bianca to tell you more about it.



  • Eloy Palgan

    posted 4 years ago

    Sana Ako ang Mapili ni Daniel Padilla !!!
    Sana Mka Boto na Ako SA P-POP LOV E SONGS ??? Pleaseee