MYXclusive: "Cookin' Nanta" Is Not Your Ordinary Musical!

Korea’s #1 non-verbal musical show is in Manila! Cookin’ Nanta will have a limited run at The Theatre at Solaire from November 10 to 15, so it’s your chance to witness this extraordinary kitchen musical!

Nanta manages to excite the audience with the use of a frying pan, a water bottle, a chopping board, and a knife as musical instruments! It combines unique traditional Korean rhythms and beats that appeal to the global market!

Cookin’ Nanta is a must-see since it became the first Asian musical to debut on Broadway in September 2003. Witness the stellar performance of kitchen warriors Hwang Yo Han, Ko Chang Hwan, Jeong Bo Ram, Chang Kyoung Soo, and Nam Dong Hoon.

The audience can participate in the show so it will be double the fun! They can act as the bride and groom in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in a dumpling challenge, or interact with the performers to make a unified rhythm!

Watch our MYXclusive interview with the cast of Cookin’ Nanta below!

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