WATCH: VJ NIKKI's Wedding Video Will Make You Wait For The "Right Time"!

From "VJ Nikki" to "BJ & Nikki" real quick.

The official wedding video of our very own Nikki Gil and her husband BJ Albert will surely make you wait for the "right time"!

Renowned videographer Jason Magbanua surprised the newlyweds with the original song "Right Time" which was composed by Johnoy Danao for the occasion! It was definitely the perfect soundtrack for BJ and Nikki's special day which was beautifully captured on the wedding film - much to the bride's delight!

In the video, you can hear part of VJ Nikki's vow which was actually 7 pages long:"I am excited to make memories with you, to travel with you, cook for you, play video games with you, put up Christmas trees with you, change diapers, change careers, learn new things. But even if none of these things we hope for turn out the way we want, rest assured that I will still love you everyday until we're old and gray..."

Truly, there's a right time for everything. There's always a right season and reason for things to fall into place. So check out the very touching wedding film of Mr. and Mrs. Albert!

Video Courtesy: Jason Magbanua

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