MYXclusive: Rapper BLKD Pulls The "Gatilyo" On Bonifacio Day!

BLKD has unleashed the official music video of the title track of his abum Gatilyo! The rapper and his group UPRISING timed the release of the music video on Bonifacio Day simply because the song shares the advocacies and vision of the one and only Supremo!

During our MYXclusive interview, BLKD shared that his whole album (in collaboration with DJ UMPH who made all the beats) is all about paying tribute to the greatness of Gat Andres! His revolutionary acts definitely inspired the local hip-hop artist to keep the fire burning!

Watch the freshly released music video of "Gatilyo" below!

Video Courtesy: UPRISING

Listen to BLKD's thoughts about his album Gatilyo in this MYXclusive interview!

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