MYXclusive: MARION AUNOR Shares Her Live Chat Experience!

We had a splendid Live Chat experience with Marion Aunor and we're sure she feels the same way! The singer-songwriter who has a new song called "Free Fall Into Love" eagerly answered lots of random questions from our live chatters! She enjoyed giving advice for the pusong sawi as well as getting sweet compliments for her looks and talent! 

The rising star got the chance to promote her North America tour along with her second album Marion under Star Music! She performed her song "Wanna Be Bad" aside from granting requests from her fans!

Marion was also able to do convincing impressions of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, and Justin Bieber in our impersonation game! She even admitted being a Belieber now!

Check out what Marion has to say regarding her awesome Live Chat experience in the video below!

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