MYX Invades ANC Mornings for MYX Music Awards 2012!

The race is on! Voting has officially started for this year's grooviest awards show -- the MYX Music Awards 2012!

MYX Channel Head AndrT Allan Alvarez, Gloc-9, and VJ Joyce appeared on ANC's morning show to urge people to support their favorite acts. Host Ginger Conejero mentioned that this could be another venue for reviving the golden era of OPM.

"We hope that will happen this year and give artists new reason to work on new compositions," said MYX Channel Head AndrT Allan Alvarez. We do appreciate that they do covers and remakes but, I think, there's more to us than just that. As a music channel that's what we do, we aim to support Filipino artists and the talent that we have. I think it's high time that we really showcase and give more emphasis to what we can produce."

Voting started last Wednesday, 5PM, and ends on March 9, a Friday. Winners will be revealed on March 13 at the Music Museum. There are three ways to vote -- Facebook, Twitter and on Click here for the details.

Watch the rest of the interview below.



  • lykaerika

    posted 5 years ago

    congrats po sa inyo..