LOOK: Get Ready To Rock With NAMESAKE!

Five-piece rock band Namesake from Atlanta, Georgia now invades Asia! The band's sounding new release “Borders and Fences” is already making waves, followed by the release of another single “Worlds Away”!

Namesake’s driving sound has its roots in the southern part of the United States where its country riffs sync up with the pop-rock instrumentals of guitarist Brad Wagnor and JT O’Neil. Will Crafton, the groups frontman with a lion-like voice or be as smooth as silk, says, “We drive the rock with hot guitars from Brad and JT, while Seth (Van Dusen) fills the sound with solid bass, and Kevin (Nordeste) keeps us all going with drums that hammer their way into all our music.” 

The love of music obviously pays off. From their peach tree roots in Georgia the band is reaching a worldwide status. Two videos will follow the release of "Borders and Fences" and "Worlds Away"! “The “Worlds Away” video is going to come off controversial, a North Korean element of satire behind its theme,” a spokesperson for Imagen Records said.  It seems to follow in the tradition of the bands interest in having its own identity, and not necessarily a commercial one. 

Video Courtesy: BlankTV

To know more about Namesake's distinct music, check out their music video for "Borders and Fences" in the video below! 

Video Courtesy: NameSakeRock 

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