MYXclusive: JADE of LITTLE MIX Sends A Message To Their Filipino Fans!

British girl group Little Mix is finally coming to the Philippines for their Get Weird tour!

Ahead of their much-awaited show here in the country, got the chance to have a MYXclusive phone interview with 1/4 of Little Mix – Jade Thirlwall!

Jade shared that the girls are all very thankful for the support they're receiving from the fans and they cannot wait to come and perform for everyone!

Here's a message from Jade to all the Filipino Mixers!

Little Mix's Get Weird tour is happening on May 20, 2016 at the Kia Theatre!

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  • ylaibianca

    posted 1 year ago

    ive waited for you since you released your dna album😔and When you released your salute album.I watched all of your concerts on youtube and I was wishing that you'd go here😔and when you released your get weird album I was praying that you'll go here and I was so happy when you announced that you'll go here😔And i am so sad that I will not be able to go to your concert and have a picture with you.I can imitate perrie's voice a little😔I wish that ill b

  • ayjayllapitan

    posted 1 year ago

    hi little mix do you know that you are my favorite singer