MYXclusive: TJ MONTERDE Shares His Live Chat Experience!

TJ Monterde's fans got really excited after we announced that the singer-songwriter was next in line on our MYX Live Chat Session! His "TJFs" really had fun during their chat sessions with the voice behind the songs "Ikaw At Ako" and "Tulad Mo""!

TJ really felt lucky to spend time answering questions and granting requests from his fans who really waited for him! Some even admitted taking a break from reviewing for their exams or finishing their thesis just to catch the MYX Live Chat session! We got lots of messages from TJFs expressing their "kilig overload" so TJ said he's more than willing to be our guest once again.

He also got the chance to promote his upcoming album which will be released soon! Watch our MYXclusive interview with TJ and get to know more about his MYX Live Chat experience!

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