MYXclusive: GLAIZA DE CASTRO Mounts Birthday Concert!

Glaizaholics from around the country gathered at the Valenzuela City People's Park Amphitheater for "Goals. Dreams. Compassion." - the theme of Glaiza De Castro's benefit concert which was held in celebration of her #2wenty8 birthday!

The singer behind the acclaimed album Synthesis fulfilled her goal to help the special children on her hometown with this special concert! For Glaiza, it’s time to give back to the place where she grew up and lend a helping hand to kids close to her heart!

Indie acts like Moonwlk and Autotelic joined Glaiza in her rockin’ birthday concert! Her friends from the industry - R&B King JayR and Gabby Eigenmann - also offered a couple of songs each to entertain her loyal supporters!

The concert also paved the way for Glaiza's reunion with her former band Kagawasan! After playing some of their original songs, the singer-actress mentioned that she wants to record those songs this year!

Glaiza earnestly thanked all of the Glaizaholics who've been very supportive especially those who came from far places just to watch her perform live! She let everyone party in front of the stage as she performed her last song “Country Tree”!

Glaiza also expressed her gratitude in a tweet.

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