MYXclusive: 10 Reasons You'll Love "Everything About Her"!

We were able to watch Star Cinema's newest offering on its premiere night and we got nothing but praises for it! Here are 10 reasons why you should watch (and will surely love) Everything About Her!

-So what is the movie about? Acceptance. Unconditional Love. Forgiveness.

-It tackles the sheer importance of family especially during the toughest times of your life. The film serves as a reminder that you should treasure the people around you. 

-Comedy is not the forte of Angel Locsin, Xian Lim, and Ms. Vilma Santos yet they will surely activate your funny bones scene after scene! There are plenty of amusing moments that will make you smile even after watching the film!

-Though Everything About Her comes with lots of lighthearted moments, expect tons of brilliantly executed drama scenes as well. It's better to have your hanky or tissue ready!

-There's a tangible element in the movie that you should watch out for because its symbolism is vital to the film's plot! Intriguing, right?

Video Courtesy: ABS-CBN Star Cinema

-Angel plays a registered nurse named Jaica and the movie succeeds in giving recognition to selfless Filipino nurses who really struggle just to make a living out of their compassion!

-You will witness a different side of Ms. Vilma Santos who plays powerful real estate business mogul Vivian Rabaya. The Star For All Seasons' punchlines and quotable quotes will drive you crazy!

-If you are skeptical about Xian Lim's acting capabilities, this movie will clear up that cloud of doubt for sure!

-Kudos to Bb. Joyce Bernal for the exceptional shots and surprising elements infused in every scene! Everything About Her is arguably one of the director's best movies to date!

-This inspiring movie definitely deserves its "A" rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board! Everything About Her is a highly recommended film that viewers will continue to talk about after watching it in theaters!

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