MYXclusive: NECK DEEP's Concert Is A Pop-Punk Feast!

Neck Deep delivered hard-hitting pop-punk goodness to their solid Filipino fans at the Skydome! Vocalist Ben Barlow, bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans, drummer Dani Washington and rhythm guitarist Matt West have been touring across Southeast Asia in support of their second full-length album Life's Not Out to Get You! And yes, Manila was their last stop before heading back to the UK!

The Welsh modern pop-punk heroes rocked the concert venue with full passion and energy! Their contagious vibe and explosive sound made their fans headbang with delight to their hits like "Citizens of Earth", "Serpents", "December", and the song with a freshly released music video: "Kali Ma"!

Neck Deep's musical influences include New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, early Green Day, and the Descendents! Though they're considered as newbies, it's surprising to witness that the band's music and style are well-loved by lots of Filipinos! In fact, Neck Deep trended on Twitter last year after the official announcement of their concert in Manila!

For the fans, witnessing Neck Deep perform in the flesh is a grand feast! Everyone at the Skydome sang their hearts out!

The band threw some of their official merchandise to the crowd as a sign of gratitude. Their forceful set ended with the anthemic "Can't Kick Up The Roots"! 

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