MYXclusive: SMUGGLAZ Shares His Live Chat Experience!

Smugglaz enjoyed our fun Live Chat Session! He treated everybody to delightful rap verses and sick wordplay! And of course, he answered different questions thrown at him with much enthusiasm! Some of the active chatters have been fans since day one, so Smugglaz was amazed that they still remember the things he did and the songs he wrote back then!

The MYX Live Chat also allowed us to see a different side of Smugglaz! Who would have thought that a tough MC can also sing a rock song like Rivermaya's "Ulan"? He also promoted his upcoming rap battles so his fans can support him further!

To know more about Smugglaz's chat experience, watch our MYXclusive interview below! 

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  • jeromeskie11432

    posted 11 months ago

    iDoL Smug Pde Ka Ba Maging Ninong Ng Anak Ko ? Request Ni Misis Eh Pati Donna Hanap Nya