LOOK: MYX VLOGGER SEARCH Finalists Share Throwback Photos!

Curious to find out how our MYX Vlogger Search finalists looked as kids? Or what memories from their childhood do they treasure most? That's exactly what they shared in their latest Instagram challenge!






#Repost @flowersandkenny ··· #MYXVloggerSearch Task #2: Throwback This is me trying to be modelesque at a mall while wishing I was driving that red car around instead of having to walk. Hahaha. Even as a three year old kid, I wasn't afraid of posing in front of the camera and being-- well, myself. Nobody told me to do the classic hand-on-hip pose and wear sunglasses inside the mall. I thought it would be cool and rad then and voila-- now we have a picture I have mixed feelings for. ?????? Do give this a double tap and leave a comment, letting me know what was your go-to pose in pictures when you were younger? Mine was this. Admittedly, until now it's still my go-to pose. Hahahaha. ?? For more craziness & fun stuff, make sure to click the link in my bio! All my challenge videos are posted there. Make sure to follow @myxph for a ton load of awesomeness! ????

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#Repost @arigatomargo #MYXVloggerSearch Instagram Task #2: Throwback ··· Am I kawaii enough 4 u? So, I had this 5 year phase where in I really look like a boy. This is probably the part of my life where in people ACTUALLY WANT to see me sing and dance, and now, they're asking me to stop -> Margo, Mardon't (well, sorry) Anyways, I'm still the same person who wants to do a lot of things in a creative community, but if there's one thing that changed, my adventures aren't only stuck written at the back page of my notebook, I actually go out there and do it. And I stopped believing that there's a train filled with cartoons who are stuck in an eternal loop of fake happiness chasing after me. Cartoons that are "too happy" scares me. #myxvloggersearch task #2 #flashbackfridays @myxph

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#Repost @vmgpiczon ··· #MYXVloggerSearch Instagram Task #2: Throwback Photo That's why some photos are better left unseen, right? Shot in 2007 with my Tita Blanch during the annual Santacruzan in Catbalogan City, Samar. I served as one of the escorts and trust me, I was the cutest and the most handsome escort on that day. LOL. Just kidding. FYI, Samar is an island where beautiful people live. That's why I started to doubt myself before; just before, not now. LOL. Just kidding, again. In case you have questions, concerns, reactions, violent reactions, you may leave a comment below or simply report this post. Hahaha! For more #MYXVloggerSearch updates, visit our official website at Also, please don't forget to follow @myxph on Instagram and @MYXPhilippines on Twitter. Thank you so much and I hope I did not ruin your day with this post. LOL. God bless! ??

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