Relive the Romance of #LoveOnMYX!

Love is indeed a powerful thing. The overwhelming response to #LoveOnMYX proves that.

Thousands of messages came flooding in for the 24-Hour Valentine's Day special via Facebook, Twitter and MYXph. We even made it as the 3rd trending topic on Twitter!

A huge chunk of cheese was served as everyone waxed poetic in expressing their love on our dedication box for the nation to see. So, in case you missed the airing of your love notes on MYX, don't worry, we've saved your declarations of love! Who knows, some secret admirer may have left you a line or two.

Relive the romance! Click the image to read all the heartwarming messages! Or you can click the #LoveOnMYX icon on our frontdoor. Enjoy!

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  • 00000300000

    posted 5 years ago

    never heard of mine :(