LOOK: MYX VLOGGER SEARCH Finalists Post Selfies With Celebrities!

We asked the MYX Vlogger Search finalists to share selfies with their favorite celebrities! Check out their Instagram challenge #5!



#Repost @sooperpurple ··· #MYXVloggerSearch Instagram Task #5: Selfie with a Celebrity Hi @itsmebailey! Sorry I practically ambushed you as your father got mad in the background (I think? Hahaha) while my brother distracted him by complementing his performance on I ? OPM. You both were probably just terrified of the gigantess in a flower crown and heels that jumped out of the bushes and asked to take a photo with you. ?? Goodluck with your music career, I was jamming to you on the way home the other day by the way. ?? Also, thank you for bringing a smile to my friend @eunicesomintac's face, she really needed it. She's going through a tough breakup. For more crazy shenanigans check out and @myxph for our challenge videos and other content! P.S. I'm willing to wait. :)

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#Repost @missannamelissa ··· My #MYXVloggerSearch Celebrity Selfie with the MMFF 2015 Best Actor for his role in Walang Forever, Mr. @jerichorosalesofficial! This photo is a perfect proof of how God works in ways you could never imagine. He answers our prayers simply because he knows our hearts and minds. Why did I say so? Yesterday, I spent almost the entire afternoon with my co-finalists for a celebrity selfie hunt. Expectation vs. Reality, I consider the experience to be less than the desired outcome. I planned to go to ABS-CBN after work (though medj OT pa ko till 8) to try my luck. When I was in the jeepney on my way to Cubao, a thought crossed inside my head to pass by Expo and just pass by Talas Manileño as recommended by my friend Niño last night because it is owned by Echo and he might be there. I can't explain anymore how and why but, I just decided to retouch a bit- blot with an oil control film and put my lip stick on. Pagkababa ko ng jeep (which is tapat ng Expo), I went in the compound and then BAM! THE. JERICHO.ROSALES.PASSED.BY.IN.FRONT.OF.ME. I felt so overwhelmed because I know it didn't happen by rare circumstances, it was DEFINITELY AN ANSWERED PRAYER.Nanginginig ako when I took the first photo because the experience is surreal. Mr. Rosales is really nice- he told me to calm down, agreed to take another photo and even stayed for a small talk. I bugged a lot of people to help me out and nothing seemed to fall into place. Honestly, I was starting to get frustrated. Then, WOW! It all unfolded right before my eyes that hey, God is in control! Sorry if anyone would find this post dragging. But, the Lord's work is so amazing that the least that I can do is to share it with all of you. I do hope that for the others who are still waiting for their prayers to be answered, kapit lang! Kay God lang #MayForever. He will respond in the most amazing manner. Believe me. Just been there a couple of minutes ago. ??

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#Repost @flowersandkenny ··· For my #MYXVloggerSearch task #5: Selfie w/ a Celebrity, I'm posting a photo, taken just the other day, of me and @thelaaguinaldo. ?? I wasn't expecting I'd get to meet him at all so it was a really big surprise for me. *insert photo of Drake pointing to the heavens* I'm grateful that I got to meet him and talk with him, even for just a while, because he's one of my inspirations. I really admire how appreciative he is of everything and how kind he is towards everyone. That's not even an exaggeration. He's the kind of person who talks to everyone in the room and he remembers their names. I think that's really sweet. He is very humble and accommodating. I also like how he's not afraid to just be his kalog self & he really makes you want to be friends with him because of how fun he is to have around. Lastly, I admire his drive and passion when it comes to everything he does. He inspired me to work hard and never give up on my dreams. I guess it's safe to say that in a way, he helped me gain courage to pursue my dreams and apply for the MYX Vlogger Search, though he doesn't know it. (If he manages to find this, massive thanks LA! ??) It felt right that I chose our photo for this challenge. I have nothing but good things to say about him. I know more blessings will come his way & he deserves every single one of them. ?? P.S Sorry, nobela na tong description ko. ?? Hahahaha. Natuwa lang kasi talaga ako sakanya. Yun lang po. Bow. For more craziness & awesome stuff, please follow @myxph. If you want to be friends and just talk about random stuff, you can follow me on my social media accounts: @heyangelkenny on twitter and flowersandkenny on IG/FB/YouTube/Snapchat. You can also watch more of my challenges for the MYX Vlogger Search by clicking the link in my bio. Thank you so much! All the love and God bless. ??

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