LOOK: 12 Cutest Male Models Right Now!

There are tons of male models out there flaunting their smiles and sweat-inducing wiles on billboards and magazines. But we came up with a list of the 12 cutest and hottest just for you - and we saved you the trouble by including their Instagram handles so you can stalk them right away! Here they are in random order! You're welcome.

1. Tommy Esguerra

Photo by Lui Jimenez

Well, who doesn't love him?
Instagram: @tommyesguerra


2. David Licauco

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

In the mood for Chinese?
Instagram: @davidlicauco


3. Vince Vandorpe

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

This half-Belgian is yummier than waffles!
Instagram: @vincevandorpe


4. Corbin Edmonds

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

Michelangelo must have chiseled this face.
Instagram: @corbinedmonds


5. Teejay Marquez

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

The king of
Instagram: @teejaymarquez


6. Randy See Cailles

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

Who wouldn't go for the bad boy look?
Instagram: @seerandy


7. Richard Hwan

Photo by Lui JImenez

The Foreignoy.
Instagram: @richardjuan


8. Gil Cuerva

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

Those lips!
Instagram: @gilcuerva


9. Paul Christian Ibanez

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

That smile though...
Instagram: @pcibanez


10. Jules Fernandez

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

He plays basketball. Just hope he's no player.
Instagram: @fernandezjules


11. Sam Thurman

Photo by Raymond Cauilan

He's got very expressive eyes.
Instagram: @samdthurman


12. LA Aguinaldo

Photo by Lui Jimenez

Last but definitely the best combo of hot and cute.
Instagram: @thelaaguinaldo

How about the girls? Well, they're next.

Who's your favorite among these hot cutie patooties? Tell us in the comments!



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