MYXclusive: RICHARD MARX Serenades Manila Anew!

It was a night full of nostalgia as Richard Marx returned to the Philippines to serenade his long-time fans! The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter brought “The Solo Tour” to the Kia Theatre last Saturday and captivated everyone with his timeless hits!

With just a guitar, he fired up the adoring fans with “Endless Summer Nights”, “Satisfied”, and “Hazard” in the early goings of his concert!

Richard also did renditions of tracks that he wrote or produced for other artists like "Dance With My Father" by Luther Vandross and "This I Promise You" by NSYNC! He even shared a funny memory when the boyband recorded the said song!

The hitmaker was also "joined" by his three sons! A video of Brandon, Lucas and Jesse Marx appeared on a big screen playing drums, guitar, and piano respectively! They all jammed to their father's song "Save Me"!

Another applauded moment was when he sang “Angelia” without a microphone and a guitar amplifier while walking around the stage! Of course, the concert wouldn’t be over without “Right Here Waiting” which quickly took everyone's hearts on a trip down memory lane!

As soon as the show ended, fans couldn't help but begin waiting for Richard Marx to come back for another show in the Philippines!

Here's the setlist during Richard Marx's concert!

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