MYXclusive: JENSEN AND THE FLIPS Shares Their Favorite Pastime!

Ever wondered what Jensen and The Flips enjoy doing aside from making music? You'll definitely flip out and scream "TMI" when you hear some of their answers during our MYXclusive interview! Find out each member's favorite pastime in the video below!

Meanwhile, their latest single "Borrowed" has been on the Pinoy MYX Countdown for several weeks! If you want to know the story behind the music video, here's another MYXclusive clip! Check it out!

Got more questions for Jensen and The Flips? Don't worry 'cause the band will be on our MYX Live Chat this March 31 at 7PM! So log on to and be sure to use the official hashtag #JENSENxFLIPSonMYXLiveChat on your tweets!

Are you looking forward to our MYX Live Chat session with Jensen and The Flips? Feel free to leave a comment!



  • hatsing02

    posted 1 year ago

    Wiiiìiiiih later na excited.. #jensenxflip #webechattin #favoriteband #foreverfan