WATCH: K12: The K-Pop Countdown (April 9, 2016)

Happy Saturday, K-Pop fans! Let us fire up your weekend with a new episode of K12: The K-Pop Countdown hosted by VJ Ai and MYX vlogger Sunny!

Last week, GOT7 soared to the #1 spot! Will the boys continue to "Fly" high this week? Plus, we've got 3 new entries! Watch the latest edition of K12 below!

So did your idols make it to the chart? Use the hashtag #MYXK12 on Twitter to join the discussion about K12: The K-Pop Countdown! Ai and Sunny might even read your tweet on their next episode! In the meantime, keep voting for your favorite K-Pop music videos on the online voting box!

Catch K12 every Saturday at 6PM only here on!



  • lerybesh

    posted 10 months ago

    Play with Fire please

  • Imkatchay

    posted 11 months ago

    request po sana BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS by BTS . PLEASE PO!

  • Irishpanahon

    posted 11 months ago

    Fire by bts/bangtan sonyeondan ?
    Please po .. For armyssss

  • Irishpanahon

    posted 11 months ago

    Run by bts omooooo ????

  • kathjinah

    posted 1 year ago

    block b - toy