MYXclusive: Kiss-Marry-Kill Game With HAILEE STEINFELD!

"Wow, this is really difficult!" vlogger Sunny Kim caught up with Hailee Steinfeld during her recent visit to the Philippines! Our girl put the Pitch Perfect  2 star on the hot seat with a game of Kiss-Marry-Kill!

While Haiz generously agreed to play, the actress-singer expressed difficulty in choosing between local heartthrobs Enrique Gil, James Reid, and Daniel Padilla! Having our very own MYX VJs Robi, Alex, and Jairus as options did not make decisions much easier for the part-Filipino star, but choosing between her "Rock Bottom" collaborator Joe Jonas, One Direction member Harry Styles, and Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum seemed to be more of a breeze for the Hollywood celebrity!

Who do you think Hailee chose to Kiss, Marry, and Kill?! Watch the MYXclusive video below to find out:

Already missing Hailee Steinfeld after her trip to Manila last week? Catch her MYXclusive performances and interview with VJ Tippy on MYX Presents this April 28 at 6pm!

Do you agree with Hailee's choices? Who would you have chosen? Tell us in the comments!



  • chrxstxphxr

    posted 1 year ago

    myx,i always tuned-in in to your channel and want to experience and see Hailee Steinfeld in person, how cann i? im just a teenager, ughh. Please help meee

  • chrxstxphxr

    posted 1 year ago

    MYYYXXXX, please help mee i want to see Hailee Steinfeld in person.. can you help me? more power to MYXph..