WATCH: The Funniest "Hala Mahulog!" Dance Video Yet!

BRB, my sides are dying!

Budots is a dance trend from Davao City that has reached unprecedented levels of virality because of the craziness of its dance moves! The term is Davaoeño slang for the word tambay which refers to people who have no employment commitments and therefore have more free time on their hands. As such, these people have all the time in the world for crazy budots shenanigans!

Arguably the most famous budots video would be this remix which features a boy dancing on the edge of a swimming pool...

Video Courtesy: Edmon Nagora

...But this latest budots video to circulate on Facebook has to be the funniest one yet!

We love the effort and choreography that went into this! So basic, but so funny. We can't right now, guys. We just can't.

Aren't these budots videos hilarious?! If you've seen other videos, share them with us in the comments!