LOOK: 5 Music Production Apps For The Aspiring Songwriter!

We live in an era in technology where virtually anything is accessible.

This especially goes for music. Before, a struggling artist might cry over the lack of finances or facilities to make original music. Today, all you might need is a smartphone or tablet - and creativity. The possibilities are endless, and our access to technology rids us of any excuse to not innovate. Or, in the case of us newbies, at the very least try!

Whether you're an aspiring musician or just a fan curious about the science behind music production, here are five apps worth checking out! And remember, never underestimate a simple user interface. These apps might just be all you need to make your very own debut album!

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Loopy/Loopy HD

Price: $2.99/$3.99

Loop stations record sounds and play them on repeat. Many pop stars work with loopers, and one can easily build an entire pop song with loops. An app like Loopy allows you to record and layer up to 12 different loops that play in real time. It's a simple, but very versatile app suitable for everyone!

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Price: Free!

Beatwave is your smartphone/tablet alternative to the Tenori-on, a Japanese electronic musical instrument that allows you to access and play different sounds on repeat by touching lights on a handheld grid screen. Beatwave boasts of its flexibility - whether playing around with the app or working on a serious project, you can be sure Beatwave makes music that works for you!

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Price: Also Free!

This is the soundboard app you didn't know you needed! Keezy operates on up to 8 tracks that allow you record and play sounds like an MPC sampler. While slightly limiting, It's the perfect app for someone who is considering working with samples, and in the right hands, can even be used when performing live!

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Propellerhead Figure

Price: $0.99

Electronic music has its ways of making itself sound very technical, intricate, and complicated, but download and experiment with Figure and you'll get the fundamentals of electronic music in the palm of your hand (literally). It won't set you up with a record deal, but mastering the basics of electronic music with this app might actually be the spark that sets your music career aflame.

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Price: Free/Pro, $4.99

Last, and most definitely not least on our list is SoundPrism, which is basically a keyboard for your smartphone/tablet. The biggest necessity for composing music is an instrument on which to play keys, chords, and harmonies, and SoundPrism gives you just that, plus access to the basic functions of the aforementioned apps! It also works on an easy-to-understand visual component that allows less experienced musicians use the app perfectly.

So go forth, aspiring musicians! Let your hearts sing, for again, there is no longer any excuse for you to not go out there and chase your dreams. But you don't have to hear that from us, when you can have the amazing Mr. Raimund Marasigan of Sandwich tell you that himself!

What apps do you use to create your own music? Share them with us in the comments!