MYXclusive: KARYLLE Shares Her Live Chat Experience!

Karylle had fun taking on "a different playground" as she went on the Live Chat with our resident vlogger Sunny Kim! Apparently, Sunny has been a fan of the singer-actress since her Encantadia days so she was thrilled to meet her childhood idol! The two ladies got along so well during the chat session that they even posed together for fun OOTD shots! Love it!

Our hashtag #KarylleOnMYXLiveChat became the #1 trending topic on Twitter before we even started! Karylle enjoyed responding to fans' random questions and having a substantial conversation with Sunny as well! Unlike other artists, K said that she's not really into doing social media Q&A - so her ardent supporters discovered a lot of new information about her during the MYX Live Chat!

Mrs. Yuzon also got the chance to promote her latest album A Different Playground and asked everyone to vote for her video "Half A Million" on MYX! Get to know more about Karylle's MYX Live Chat experience by watching the MYXclusive post-interview video below!



  • AppleJ

    posted 1 year ago