LOOK: Cool Under-The-Radar Fashion Brands To Follow!

Who needs name brands when you can have fresh, funky alternatives that are just as good and twice as authentic?

We're here to give you four awesome local brands that cater to the tasteful, sophisticated, and unorthodox. Style doesn't need a brand name, and being ahead of the fashion game means investing in the upcoming - not keeping up with what's already trendy.

Fake Alchemy

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Boho feels. ??? #handmadeph

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About to turn these babies into necklaces. #marbled #handmadeph #trylocalph

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Fake Alchemy is the magically fashionable brainchild of Mai Evangelista who takes inspiration for her work from nature, science, and literature. Her insatiable need to create is what inspired the brand's name and she describes the aesthetic of her pieces as 'mechanical yet organic.' Her creations are byproducts of the process: the work, labor, time, and bruised hands make the item. Fake Alchemy initially started as a jewelry and accessories line but has since expanded into a lifestyle brand. Mai sees the brand catering to those who are a little adventurous, those who are unafraid to explore the unusual yet familiar.


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Proudrace is a Manila-based brand that describes itself as 'rooted from the underground and built with the balance of luxury and street style.' Their trademark lies in taking traditional silhouettes but putting a modern spin. Proudrace pushes the boundaries of fashion with a distinct style, aesthetic, and DNA that is unmistakably their own. As a brand that has attained growth and recognition on a global scale, Proudrace sees its products on a customer who is unapologetic in his personal style.


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WOLFE + HUNTR's bold claim-to-fame is its effortless ability to walk the line between sophistication and naughtiness. Their tagline is "clean and classic, with the right amount of wild." A brand that started as a means to cater to the need for unconventional leather accessories, WOLFE + HUNTR's uniquely simple, minimalistic designs make them recognizable but extremely flexible. They believe that a good eye for style and creativity is always better than riding the wave of trends. The typical WOLFE + HUNTR customer is one who is not afraid to mix daring leather pieces with sleek, classic looks.


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#NLPZ neoprene apron wrap dress

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Aryanna Epperson in #NLPZ for #ScoutAugust2015 (photographed by @paolocrodua, styled by @jedgregorio)

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NLPZ is the product of a painstakingly dedicated effort by Neal Paz Corpus, a graduating student of the College of Saint Benilde. The design philosophy of the brand runs on irony and paradox; for instance, a pair of running shorts made of leather. Striking, sharp minimalism meets strong, prominent silhouettes, and NLPZ uses these to dish subtlety and boldness in spades. NLPZ believes less in glamour and more in your statement; the sartorial embodiment of 'when you're great at something, people will tell you.' See more of the brand, including its line of accessories here.

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