LOOK: Fans Applaud SILENT SANCTUARY's New Melodramatic Video!

Silent Sanctuary's much-anticipated music video "Di Na Kita Mahal" has premiered on MYX! The two-time MYX Music Awards winner for Favorite Group asked their fans to watch out for their so-called "saddest single yet" on MYX Premiere and share their thoughts about the music video!

As expected, Silent fans made some noise online about "Di Na Kita Mahal"! Check out their reactions to the music video below!

"Relate much" to Silent Sanctuary's heart-wrenching music video? You can now start voting for "Di Na Kita Mahal" on MYX if you want to see it in the charts!

Did you catch the MYX Premiere of "Di Na Kita Mahal"? Leave us a comment!