WATCH: CHARLI XCX Goes Full Speed In "Vroom Vroom" Video!

Guess who's back with all new glitz and glam?!

It's Charli XCX - and this time, she's exchanged the rough-cut, punk-style girl power of SUCKER for the dark, sexy, glossy sheen of pop stardom! "Vroom Vroom" is the first single off her latest EP of the same name and the first release under her new label Vroom Vroom Recordings.

The video shows Charli dancing in front of a Lamborghini as she sings/raps verses from her synth-y, snappy new hit that at times resembles Britney Spears' album Blackout. Yup, she's dancing. The video is bathed in shots of Charli performing full-on choreography! What can't Charli do?!

Watch "Vroom Vroom" below:

Video Courtesy: Charli XCX Facebook

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