LOOK: 3 Wholesome Reasons To Go On Tinder!

Tinder can be a source of wholesome fun! Right, Tinderella?

When you hear people admit that they use Tinder, you might think that they're in desperate need of someone to love them back. Let's break that myth and take a look at some of the reasons to use this app... without feeling guilty.

1. Making new friends

Let your inner Casper come out. Remember, start with a casual conversation. Don't rush things by jumping into more personal information. Take it easy.

2. Moving on

There are so many ways to get over a past relationship including Tinder. But you must only use Tinder as a form of distraction and not be on the rebound with someone you "matched with". Think clearly.

3. Finding the love of your life

Just so you know, that's not far from possible. Not all people who use Tinder are into hook-ups. Some are actually into serious relationships. So don't lose hope and keep on swiping right!

P.S. Good vibes can be found anywhere, Tinder included. Just don't be easily fooled and let yourself get caught up in shady business or worse! Don't go running off to meet someone as soon as he/she says "Tara, coffee tayo!" 

Have you ever used Tinder? Share your experience in the comments section!