LOOK: Celebrities React To BEYONCÉ's "Lemonade"!

When Beyoncé drops an album, she goes all out!

Queen Bey pulled another surprise album drop yesterday and it had fans going crazy! Lemonade - which was initially teased as no more than a 'special project' (nothing, we repeat, nothing hinted at what it could've been) - turned out to be a full-length visual album in the same vein as her 2013 release BEYONCE.

Of course, it was met with very positive reception especially by her fellow artists! First off, Demi Lovato lasted 10 minutes into the Lemonade special before she just couldn't... We don't blame her.

No worries Demi, we can't even... either. Nobody can.

Then Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick died and was reborn. Or she just watched Lemonade. And witnessed the power of Beyoncé.

RnB sensation The Weeknd clearly knows who to bow down to.

Despite appearing in Lemonade, Zendaya still felt chills when she saw it for herself...

...while The Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg thanked the Queen for inspiring her!

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's attention-grabbing tweets during the telecast had the Beyhive buzzing angrily! So fans dealt with the situation accordingly...

Are you loving Beyoncé's new album like we are? Don't lie. Tell us in the comments!



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