LISTEN: Summer Throwback Playlist - Music To Beat The Summer Heat!

Raise your hand if your electric fans are all currently set to number 3.

Yeah, you're not alone. We are all melting from the summer heat. Which would be fine if most of us were at the beach or something, but no. The lack of baon brought about by the vacation months cuts off our summer getaway funds and resources.

So we're here to bring the excitement to you with "Summer Throwback", a 10-track playlist built of summer hits filled with nostalgia! Everything dating from a few years back to way, waaaaaaay back is considered a throwback, so we've decided to resurrect a few hits from recent history for your summer pleasure. Are you ready to turn up the volume?

1. Summer Song - Silent Sanctuary

Starting off slow but cheerful, Silent Sanctuary sets the mood for all the good things the summer sun has to offer!

Video Courtesy: UniversalRecPH

2. Summerboy - Lady Gaga

"Hey there, Summerboy," says Lady Gaga, "let's go for a run, have a little summer fun."

Video Courtesy: SaraaRocks

3. Summer Sunshine - The Corrs

You're a true OG if you remember this song!

Video Courtesy: The Corrs

4. Ray Of Light - Madonna

Dance, honey! Dance. Dance some more. Don't stop.

Video Courtesy: Luiz Ribeiro

5. Sunburn - Sandwich

*Aggressively sings "I just wanna be on the beach" over and over*

Video Courtesy: polyeastrecords

6. All Summer - Kid Cudi Feat. Best Coast & Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend

Summer heat beating down on you as hard as this summer beat. We approve.

Video Courtesy: Vi.C Sounds

7. Ocean Avenue - Yellow Card

Back then, this was the anthem of a generation in young love.

Video Courtesy: emimusic

8. Walking On Sunshine - Aly & AJ

Because summer in the Philippines means walking on sunshine. Literally.

Video Courtesy: JCF135135

9. Pocketful Of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

This song is here because it's everybody's guilty pleasure. Lock yourself in your room and sing this at the top of your lungs. We won't judge you.

Video Courtesy: NBedingfieldVEVO

10. Oath - Cher Lloyd Feat. Becky G

Last on our list is a song about friendship - because summer is best spent with your best friends!

Video Courtesy: Cherlloydvevo

What's your summer song? What theme would you want for another playlist? Tell us in the comments!



  • Loveholic.25

    posted 1 year ago

    Silent Sanctuary rocks !

  • ibmtester

    posted 1 year ago