MYXclusive: MAYONNAISE Shares Their Live Chat Experience!

Mayonnaise was so happy to take part in our Live Chat session this week! Our former MYX Headliner answered questions from their fans in the funniest way with frontman Monty Macalino and bassist Nikki Tirona throwing punch lines left and right!

The band also shared interesting information about their past songs! Plus, Monty imitated the actual speaking voice of Hale frontman Champ Lui Pio during our impersonation game!

Among those who logged on to the live chat session were Jailene fans who caught the band's MYX Daily Top 10 guesting! Meanwhile, Kathniel fans were delighted when the band performed an acoustic version of the song "Kathryn" from their latest album For The Rest Of My Life! Check it out below!


The band admitted that they enjoyed the MYX Live chat session because they found it really refreshing as musicians! After performing in different gigs over the past weeks, they were able to just chill with fans! Get to know more about the MYX Live Chat of Mayonnaise in the video below!

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