Top 10 Hugot Lines From "This Time"!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre's first movie offering as an off-screen couple is going to be a sure hit among fans and ordinary viewers alike. Apart from the "kilig" vibes that it absolutely has to offer, some dramatic scenes were loaded with hugot. We've listed down some of the tear-jerking slash heart-tugging lines from This Time!

"Mas mahal" pag may label as in "more loved"!

It's okay to take a re-route. You'll get there anyway.

It's too packed in a can of sardines. Don't push yourself too hard.

Is it too late now to say sorry? Never.

Wounds heal. But it takes time to recover.

Gold? Platinum or Infinite? Waiting for that reward.

Special ensaymada is better than just ensaymada so that should do. At least, special. :D

Remember, true love waits.

I guess "ewan" will be our "always".

Nothing's gonna happen if you don't make a move. So step out of your pride and be humble.

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    Jadine!!! <3